Who am I and why do I do this

Hi there guys (and gals),
My name is Mattias and I'm... well, an everyday person like you.
I'm 35 y/o and live with my wife and son in Tallinn, Estonia.

In recent years I've become facinated by the "Bitcoin Revolution" unfolding before my eyes, and quickly came to relize I got to get on this train and be part of the ride, rather than just a bystander.

On my personal journey to find out everything I can about this new economy, I used countless FREE online resources, as well as offline ones, such as free lectures and meetups organized by the local bitcoin embassy.
So I guess this website is my way of giving gratitude and "paying it forward"


What should you excpect to find at MyBitcoinFeed

MyBitcoinFeed.com aims to bring together for you the best and latest articels relating to Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

It is my belief that we are only at the begining of a great revolution, that will eventually come to define the 21st century as "The Crypto Century".

Since this is the case, none of us should be left behind. The stories and articles I gather for you under this platform will make sure you are always up-to-date with trending topics, new terms and the evolution of Crypto.

I am also working on an "Academy" section for those of you who are completely new to Bitcoin. Stay tuned :)

What should you NOT excpect to find at MyBitcoinFeed

I am not a supporter of the "get-rich/make-money" advocates. I do believe crypto is here to stay, but not that it's an easy way to make quick profit. Those that will get involved and stick around might benefit but I'm sure there are other, more lucrative ways to expend your investment portfolio.

Anyhow, MyBitcoinFeed is not intended to give any investment advice whatsoever.

This website also contains links to articles from external sources, in which case the views, information, or opinions expressed are solely those of the individuals who wrote the articles , and do not represent my presonal opinion or analysis.   

I hope you enjoy our content and revisit often!


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